Monday, 27 April 2009

Three cheers to BLOGGER!

Because this is the day that Grit and the Gritlets jump in a taxi and zoom away on the wide roads, over the cityscape of downtown Hong Kong, past the spiralling skyscrapers, in and out of the bright highway tunnels blasted through the hills, and off into the cool green spaces of the elegant expat houses, where we finally disgorge from that taxi and say hello, face to face, hand to hand, to Wife in Hong Kong.

How cool is that? Is that 100% COOL?

This is amazing to Grit. Because without Blogger, Grit and Wife in Hong Kong would never ordinarily meet. We inhabit different worlds. Grit is a beat up sandal wearing old hippie who lives on a planet populated by anarchists, home educators, feral kids and mutants. Wife in Hong Kong floats about in gracious surroundings and rubs shoulders with the Dior dripping glitterati whose cultivated kids eat canapes.

How far apart can you get? Yet here with Wife in Hong Kong I can drink a cup of tea and feel human again. And we have Blogger to thank for this meeting of otherworlds. Blogger has become this curious necessary new strand of cyber life. And clearly, blogging unites the most diverse of people.

But just for today, we're not confined to cyberspace. Strange, most strange of all, even though there are worlds we all inhabit so far apart, we share common paths; we cope with families, upheavals, childhoods, traumas, marriages, deaths, partings, celebrations. Our internets cross and for a few hours we sip tea and discuss life after motherhood because like all bloggers who slip in and out of each other's footsteps, we understand each other when we have met ten minutes before.

Well of course now all you really want to know is whether Wife in Hong Kong dyes her hair orange, ties her children to the air conditioning units or wipes her nose on her sleeve, like Grit.

Well OK then, Wife in Hong Kong is not only lovely, she is just as thoughtful and expressive as you can imagine from her blog, except more beautiful and glamorous with it. So go over to her place, wander about with her footsteps and give her a big cyberhug, because at this point, she deserves it. And then don't forget to invite her over to yours.


Mud in the City said...

Wow - with that sort of write up I'm heading over right now!

Rebel Mother said...

Lovely post - how nice to meet up with another blogger so far away!

Hope you had a fab time.

Rubberbacon said...

Welcome back Grit! I was about to send out a search party!!!

Grit said...

hi rebel mother and rubberbacon! thank you for calling. i am forever the late grit.

Wife in Hong Kong said...

Oh Grit, how generous you are! I am touched beyond words for I feel nothing like your description right now. It was lovely, wasn't it? Have you just posted three weeks of blogging in one day? I've been watching you like a hawk on my blogroll but there was nothing and now all at once there's a huge treasure chest of things to read. (Please forgive ignorant question about Ocean Park - I was reading the posts backwards and hadn't seen it yet.) Your pictures are a delight and it is even richer to read now I know you and the girls. Come and see us again in London. I don't think we're so very different. We both love museums and your girls were remarkably good at Monopoly!!