Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day three: Squirrel

The most pleasurable time of all, thanks to Squirrel's can-do-any-shoe mentality and her cheery outlook on life. Her continuing resilience to anything resembling common sense in footwear is exhilarating. She dances from the shop with pretty plimsolls in pink. I leave the shop fantasising about a pair of red satin shoes sparkling with rubies. The perfect shoe shopping companion.


Brad said...

and your little dog too?

Jaywalker said...

Synchronicity - I have just been doing this too and are you in Bratano? Because it looks just like where I have spend last few afternoons.

F: gleeful to find those shoes with secret hidden spaces in the heel at eyebleeding expense.

L: Allows me to choose any old rubbish if (i) he can have Pokemon cards and (ii) they make him look like a "mec".

No flowers. No diamante. No rubies.

Grit said...

yes, it is the very shoe shop of plastic and paste delights! and this is one big advantage of having GIRLS. it may yet redeem the teenage years.

mamacrow said...

petal has always ADORED shoes. Honestly, I'm not imagining it - she'll grab them off the rack/shelf in shops and I'll have to wrestle them off her... She'll walk round the house with her boots (her fave) cuddling them and making cooing noises!

Saurus will wear any old thing when it comes to clothes or shoes, but wants the most expensive footy kit and astros.

Roo has always been more descerning, loves going clothes/shoe shopping and will hapily look through catalogues with me for hours!

Wig dosn't care so long as they're shorts, or look like something that a TV character wears.

fluff is happy so long as Thomas the Tank engine or the Night Garden is featured.

Grit said...

i cannot help it mamacrow, but i have a soft spot for girls who like shoes, and petal sounds like the perfect shoe shopper.