Thursday, 9 April 2009

Why I might move to Dubai

For what is possibly the first time this year I have had a day off. I feel like the scullery maid. But I guarantee Eliza would not have had as good a time of it as me, because today I have roamed London with Oo.

Oo has travelled from Dubai where she now lives with husband, child and strange cat. She is a woman who lives her life so brilliantly precipitous, she is forever skittering on the edge of disaster and triumph. Yet this shows just how ambitious are her endeavours.

She would probably kick me for claiming that. OK, I am sure that in her life, like in mine, somedays we struggle to fall out of bed alive. But Oo, I say, at least when you stand upright, you are commanding stars. I am just mopping up sick.

Well we do what women should do when they are let loose in the big city. We exhaust every shoe shop we can find, hang out in the very fine Natural Shoe Store where there exist the most comfortable foot licking shoes on the planet, and then we eat, drink and are merry in bistros and cafes. All day long.

And after a day with Oo, I might just forget everything about the dark side, and up sticks to Dubai.

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Rubberbacon said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day! Glad to see you got a day off.