Monday, 6 April 2009

Take one away...

Life is so quiet with twins. Really, I cannot believe the drop in volume in this house. We have conversations at normal sound levels. Howabout that! There is not the constant falling out, screaming, banging doors and throwing puffins. Shark and Squirrel are quietly playing together, keeping each other amused with a horse head on a stick. And when I suggest swimming, there's no three-way fighting over the blue towel or the pink goggles. They simply dart off to ready themselves, pack bags and wait in the hall, like I've been trying to train them to do for five years.

Now this isn't to lay all this noise and chaos at Tiger's door. Not at all. I have learned that I could remove any one of the triplets and I would have this peace in the house. And this tells me it is the dynamics of three that is inherently unstable, a bit like a three-way mounting pressure on the inside of a volcano and now stand back, let's see which one makes it through the door first.

So this is the conclusion I come to. If you want a quiet life, only have children in multiples of two.


mamacrow said...

i've noticed this as well - it's really odd. take one of the equation (leaving four in my case) - any one, it doesn't matter, could be the one who's normally the quietest - and things are positively silent.

i can't agree about the multiples of two... i far prefer one at a time!!!

Wife in Hong Kong said...

Four is the new three, didn't you know?

The Gossamer Woman said...

I only ever had two and I thought the noise level was just loud enough, but mostly they were well behaved, so there is some truth to it.

Grit said...

but you can get it all over and done with quickly mamacrow if you double up.

hello wife in hk! four at once is too much. unless one is invisible, and then it might be ok.

at last! someone agrees with me! you see now i must be right and not just strange.

mamacrow said...

i should think that when you come to gritlets, you are of course right, Grit - multilples of three.

But then I don't 'do' gritlets. Three Saurus's, Three Roos, Three Wigs, Three Fluffs and three petals would probably have killed me.

mind you, I havn't had the scan for this one yet, I'm still in the praying stage. Praying as in 'PLEASE only one in there. PLEASE only one in there'