Saturday, 4 April 2009

In the old days the sun orbited the earth

Dig is due home today. Of course the logical thing to do is go out.

Put it like this. Would you stay at home being the dutiful wife to a husband whose first job will be to walk straight past you, crash into the furniture, slump into an office chair and stare at a monitor screen for the next 17 hours? Or would you rather pack the kids in the car and go learn about Galileo?

Galileo is doing a turn today at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford. Apparently it's 400 years since Galileo looked through his telescope, eye-spied planets and moons and decided the earth orbited the sun. They have let him out from his house arrest especially for the event.

When Dig first went away, Squirrel, Shark and Tiger were six months old. I cried myself to sleep because the centre of my universe had gone. Since then I have needed to get on with it, look after Squirrel, Shark and Tiger, and cope. There was no alternative. Now the kids are older and life goes on and the world turns around the principles we have set up to guide this family, like a love of exploring, learning, and finding out. And, ironically, growing older together.