Monday, 22 October 2007


Some men are destroying the bathroom. I'm not absolutely certain that I knew about this, but Dig says he warned me, and don't forget there'll be no toilet from now until Thursday.

The last I consciously remember about this was when Bathroom Man came round in July to quote for ripping out two bathrooms, one after the other, and then nothing happened. For a long time.

Because nothing happened, I remember Dig ringing up Bathroom Man about twenty times and visiting the showroom at least three times. On the last visit he must have been particularly struck by a young lady polishing her nails, because he keeps telling me about her. Apparently Dig had to stride about the showroom in full rhetorical voice, pausing only to strike dramatic poses with his hand on his heart, his eyes to the shower fittings, and a pained expression on his face, while Young Lady Nails replied, 'Yeah ... Yeah ... He's not in today ... Yeah ... Yeah ... I'll tell him you called ... Yeah.'

Then more nothing happened.

Until last week when Dig went to Poland and told me over the phone that some men might come and rip out the bathroom while he's gone. This bit of infomation I ignored, deciding that it happens when it happens.

Well, apparently, it's happening today.

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