Monday, 29 October 2007

New bathroom

Tra la la! We have a bright, shiny new bathroom! And trouble free! No noise, no fuss, no broken bits of wall, no men wandering about the house with sad expressions and shopping lists for B&Q, no-one saying at all 'Where's that widget? I put it here five years ago and LOOK. Now it's GONE. I'd finish the bathroom today if it wasn't for PEOPLE who come along and MOVE THINGS.'

No. None of the above. These bathroom men have been proper professional bathroom men and just got on with it. I'm wondering now if they'd like to have a crack at the leaking shower downstairs, the front of the house where the rain comes in, the windows, the office ceiling, the kitchen floor, and the front room. I'd add mending the stair rope where the fixings have come away from the wall and we've propped them back in, but I won't because I get to see the expression on someone's face when, unknowing about this small hazard, they gently hold onto the stair rope only for it to rip clean out the wall.

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