Saturday, 13 October 2007

Missed day

I miss things today. Here's some things I miss.
  • I miss taking Tiger, Shark and Squirrel to an event with the parks department. I could kick myself for this. And I do, for a good ten minutes on my left ankle, shouting 'Take that! It's what you asked for and you deserve it!' I think I might be a bit unhinged during that process but I feel better afterwards, so who cares.
  • I have two hours free today and what do I do? The washing up. Therefore I miss an opportunity to go to the opticians and get new glasses. I have lost two pairs of glasses in the last month and am now reliant on the free pair. I managed to wangle the free pair out of Vision Express two years ago by having a breakdown in the shop, whereupon they gave me a pair of glasses to get rid of me. Anyway they're my last pair. They're scratched, so if I look through the right lens it's very foggy. Also the arm has broken on the right-hand side so I have bound it with sellotape, Jack Duckworth style.
  • I also miss the opportunity afforded by free time to attack my head with a bottle of colouring fluid. This is getting urgent.
  • And while I'm on the subject of missed opportunities, I'll add that today I missed going to Hastings to see the battle reenactment on Senlac Hill. Actually, I miss this every year because we live miles from Hastings and I would have to organise a stop over. This remains an annual ambition and fits into my home-ed Travelodge fantasy. I stayed for a week near Hastings two years ago with the kids and it was jolly good fun. We were in a freezing caravan in the middle of the field. Every time I turned the heating on, the lights went off. This was a bit inconvenient when the field frosted. We missed the battle reenactment too because we visited in February and the battle is in October.
  • Since the house is full of noise and argument I miss people today who do not scream but are quiet and comforting and say 'It'll all come out in the wash'. I don't know what that means but that's what my mum used to say.
Looking back, I suppose that what I've missed today wasn't that important in the scale of things. And if it was, it'll probably come out in the wash.


Anonymous said...

It WILL all come out in the wash Grit! ((())).
I'm not sure how reassured you will be but I read on someones blog today that she reassures herself (when she finds that she is not managing to get to things) that she is an 'eternal being' and there is always, in reality, plenty of time!
I could sometimes find that both reassuring and dreadfully depressing! LOL!

Michelle said...

It isn't necessarily comforting. My take on that expression is typified by a child's red dress accidentally being washed at the same time as man's white cotton shirt. The red came out of the dress and into the shirt. Then wouldn't come out of the shirt. No matter how many times I washed it.

My life. Great huh?