Saturday, 1 December 2007

Is it Saturday?

We have a new car. It's standing outside now. It's very new and I dare not drive it in case someone turns right in front of me without indicating or, in fact, looking, to see if anyone's actually using the road they're crossing.

Well at least the timing is good, because Big Bro's car has of yesterday started flashing its engine light at me. When I speak to Big Bro about this he says that's always happening because it's a Clio so it's the ignition coil. Just get it into a garage and don't drive it because it burns the cat.

And now Dig says he's off to the airport today. Did you forget Scandinavia Grit? How was that? He'll be back soon before he pushes off to the Middle East and back in time for Christmas, so don't worry, just sort everything out, fill in the forms, do the Christmas shopping, don't use the oven and bring up the children in a stimulating and educationally rich environment.

What's the problem there then?

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