Thursday, 20 December 2007

Visit Oo

I visit Oo. She is going off to live in the Middle east where the climate is better and the money is higher. Of course Hubby and Son are going too, so all the Oo family will be missing from my life in the UK, which makes me very sad indeed and very happy for them all at the same time.

I tell Oo to blog. Her life is lived in a different sphere from mine, and reading about it would be both illuminating and incomprehensible. I cannot imagine how circumstances here at the Pile might arise that led me to visit A&E at 3 o'clock in the morning with a broken nose; or how I might conduct a battle with a council over a lamp-post; or how I could spend several days and several hundred pounds trying to get a cat in a box, but these things happen in Oo's life, usually on a daily basis.

And for that at least I'm going to miss Oo and family. And say a big thank you for your generosity, wit and grand sparkle. And put us on the visit list for 2008.

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