Wednesday, 26 December 2007

What shall we do today?

According to BBC Radio 4 news it is Boxing Day. Oh no! I should be in a shopping frenzy somewhere on a UK high street!

Clearly, I am not. And I realise with pain and regret that my true place was there, united with the people of this nation, focusing together our contribution to the great commercial enterprise of our society, supporting the oppressed of the UK retail sector, and somehow, through that endeavour, grabbing hold of those bargains before anybody else while simultaneously showing off from the heights of a moral high ground with a range of home-made shopping bags.

I am sad. I have missed out on a great event of British cultural significance.

So here's a picture of a balloon modeller and a balloon modeller's output.

(The balloon modeller is wearing an Egyptian hat. Obviously.)


Tim said...

Wow! Grit does pictures!

grit said...

grit thinks she is sadly lacking in the picture department and resolves to do better in 2008...