Friday, 28 December 2007

Target practice

First time out the house for nearly a week and what do I do? Fill a plastic jug with cold water and throw it at the neighbour's cat stuck up a tree.


Brad said...

LOL - The jug ? or the water ?

Ghone said...

Just for a laugh or is it a ritual you and the cat have?

grit said...

Initially Brad, just the water. Then the jug.

By way of explanation to all cats (and cat lovers), I live with three junior twitchers and rspb members who have never forgiven cats (any cat, really) for:

a)scratching Squirrel in Italy four years ago and

b) killing a baby blackbird nesting in the garden two years ago.

Thanks to these events I can disclaim responsibility and say Squirrel, Shark and Tiger put me up to it.

Of course Grit might gratuitously assault cats just to bait some cat lovers ... that remains a possibility.