Tuesday, 25 December 2007

When do the arguments start?

Today has not been unsatisfactory. Here's why.

1. Thanks to Our Supreme Leader, Hobbycraft, the little junior Grits have been quite well catered for and busy all day long, making candles, pictures with acrylic and chalk, balloon modelled owls, bead necklaces, embroidery samplers, and a statue of a dolphin.

2. Dig says the average family argument starts at 10.30 am. Surprisingly, there have been few arguments here today. At 2pm Squirrel had a big to-do over whose make-your-own candle set it was, and no, Tiger couldn't have a go. This was excellent news for Grit who now has a perfect excuse to get Tiger to Hobbycraft as soon as possible during the sale and use the purchase of another make-your-own candle set as an excuse to worship in the aisles where there are those cute little red glass love hearts on wire stems.

3. Although Grit has lost the presents she bought at the charity shop because she stowed them away in a cupboard somewhere and now cannot remember where, she consoles herself with the thought that they will turn up in time for a birthday.

4. Sarah's vegan Christmas pud turned out very well. We use this every year and it is excellent.

5. Dig has been quite nice and not at all complaining about airports / visas / crashed computer disks / Christmas presents costing too much at Hobbycraft / the fact that there are baked potatoes for the main course at lunch today because Grit is anti-Christmas dinner and wants to play with the bead set instead.

6. I manage to watch Coronation Street on TV. This is possibly the first time this year. That John's a bit unlikely, isn't he?

7. Tomorrow Tiger, Shark and Squirrel are opening more presents and perusing all cards and good wishes from friends and family near and far. And I promise to thank all these folk most warmly and personally but thank them here, now, as well. Because I don't think we deserve your thoughts, generosity and kindness, but am jolly appreciative of them.

8. Grit has a bottle of Laphroaig. And it's looking at her this very moment.

Happy Christmas!

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